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How to Promote your Cleaning Service during COVID: 3 Ways

One of the many lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic is that a clean home is a healthy home. We’ve seen people who cleaned everything they can get their hands on, from groceries to even paper bills. However, their behavior is not so out-of-reason. In fact, the CDC released a memo that fomite (surface) transmission of the coronavirus is indeed possible. It’s scary, yes, but here’s the catch: it could be avoided through proper cleaning!

This finding makes cleaning companies super important during this pandemic. If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering just how you could promote your cleaning company in light of this deadly pandemic. The good news is that there are many ways to do this, and we’ve listed down the best ones.

How to promote your cleaning service during COVID: 3 ways

Use Facebook Ads

If you haven’t explored Facebook advertising, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities. Facebook ads work by showing your advertisement to people who are most likely to engage with and use your service based on their data. This makes advertising incredibly cost-effective because you’re targeting not just anyone, but those who actually would be interested in your service.

Creating an ad on Facebook is actually really easy. All you need is a Facebook page for your business. After making one, use your computer and click the Promote button on the left side. After that, Facebook will walk you through the rest of the steps. Check out Facebook’s short video on how to make an ad.

When you make your ad, remember to show your audience the importance of your cleaning service to fight COVID-19. One example of how to do this is to show a video of your staff cleaning a place. In your caption, you can state that you specifically use CDC-recommended cleaning products and follow CDC-recommended cleaning methods to combat the virus. Another example is to have a poster that illustrates the disinfecting services that you do for homes and businesses and their effectiveness and importance.

Be relevant on social media

Social media is a highly effective way to engage with your customers. Each platform has its own strengths that you can use to engage with your audience in a specific way. Emotional posts that contain photos, videos, and posters work great on Facebook. Newsworthy events, updates, and conversations work best on Twitter. Nice photos, behind the scenes shots, and videos work best on Instagram. Use each of them to your advantage. Most importantly, don’t just use it to sell your services, instead, use it to be relevant to your customers.

Post tips on simple cleaning hacks that people can do in their houses. You can also show pictures of houses that look “clean”, and then show the dirt and grime you collected from that house. Post COVID-related cleaning tips to observe. Show how you adhere to CDC guidelines for cleaning and OSHA standards for waste disposal and why following these are important. Post photos of your team doing disinfecting services at houses and workplaces. You can even try TikTok to show short videos about cleaning! Post anywhere you think your content fits, and post frequently to increase engagement with your audience.

Reach out to your local community

Perhaps, you’re wondering: is there any other way I could promote my cleaning business that’s not online? Well, yes there is! While online advertising and social media can reach a multitude of people in one click, personally reaching out to people has its own advantages. First of all, when you reach out personally to people and businesses who would need your services, you have the opportunity to communicate with them in detail; any concerns, questions, and apprehensions can be directly addressed. Second, it makes your relationship to your potential customers more personal. Third, connecting with other businesses provides even more avenues to market your services.

In reaching out to your community, we recommend partnering with businesses who may need your services. This can include firms that require their employees to work inside the office, like corporate offices, or those whose customers go inside their store for appointments, like salons and barbershops. Get in touch with these businesses and let them know of your special cleaning services. You can also offer regular general cleaning that will make their spaces safer for their employees and customers.

You may also partner with other non-competing businesses to cross-promote your products and services. For example, when you partner with an automotive shop, their customers get a discount for your disinfecting services, and your customers get a discount at the automotive shop’s repair services. It’s best that you partner with businesses whose audiences are similar to yours, but who aren’t your competitors. Other than automotive shops, you can also partner with car wash companies, shoe and bag cleaning shops, and mechanical services.

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