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Growing My Courier Business? HOW?

Updated: May 5, 2021

With the increase of retail businesses digitising as many people are starting to shop and buy things online instead of going out to visit the stores, the courier industry is also rising along with the e-commerce growth.

Last May 19, it was reported by Canada Post that it hit an all time high one-day record of 2.1 million parcels being delivered to Canadians. This high record was almost three times the norm for that time period of the previous years. In June, they also delivered a 75% increase of parcels that should have been delivered in a regular June (Doolittle, 2020).

COVID-19 continues to change the consumer behavior; although it can result in a drop in consumer spending and trade, and down-scaling of businesses that lessen their deliveries (IBISWorld, 2020), we can still observe the increase number of purchases online and the transition of people ordering food and essentials online due to the limitations caused by COVID-19. Given the opportunity of small parcel courier services, it is a great time to consider expanding and growing, or even starting, your courier business now! Just keep reading, it will only take 2 minutes of your time, to learn the main actions you can take to start growing your courier business!

Go digital

As we mentioned that courier business grows along with the rise of e-commerce, you should also bring your courier business online. Going digital will allow you to reach more potential customers, especially posting your services in social media, this will allow individual customers who need on-demand delivery service to tap on you.

Recruit partner drivers

When you start to get customers more than what you expect, you can start recruiting partner drivers to do the delivery for you on-call. You can generate revenue by commission base for this kind of set up with partner drivers. By this way, you not only get more supply of drivers but you also save costs from purchasing new bikes, hiring drivers, and storing and maintaining the bikes you own. As you expand with continuous bookings during the day, you can also try opening a daily driver recruitment wherein interested drivers can join your team for that certain day.

Maximise the power of on-demand

People now want to avail of services right when they need it. And while your business might have long operated with scheduled deliveries, it is high-time to consider offering instant door-to-door courier services. Not sure how to implement? Platforms such as Supertap are now available to make this hassle-free for you. It enables scheduled, queued and instant booking so customers will have a wealth of options for their delivery needs. More offerings, more customers.

Partner with Local Businesses

With enough drivers supply, you can reach out to local businesses that need delivery services. You can create an agreement with retail stores that sells foods, grocery items, education supplies, and other essentials that will allow you to be their third-party delivery service. This will allow you to have a consistent revenue as long as the businesses are operating well with constant daily customers.

There are multiple strategies that you can use to expand your courier business. But, it is a necessity to go digital in order to reach a wider set of customers. Recruiting partner drivers will allow you to generate more revenue without incurring costs. And, partnering with businesses and booking platforms will help you reach more customers. These tips will definitely help you generate more profit as you expand your courier service into the changing market trend.



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