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Why your cleaning company should include a same-day cleaning service

If you’re reading this, you probably own or manage a cleaning company and are looking at the prospect of same-day cleaning. How feasible is it? Will people bite the offer? How would I implement it?

At the moment, most cleaning companies offer scheduled appointments, and only a few accept same-day, on-demand bookings. This is mostly due to the challenge of accommodating immediate bookings, given limited staff and resources. However, if you’re interested in growing your cleaning company, you should definitely consider offering it to your customers.

Clients are looking for on-demand services to instantly gratify their needs. Nowadays, technology has allowed businesses to reach people quicker and easier, while convenience for the customer is becoming more and more important. Take for example same-day delivery. Courier services and even retail shops have realized that people want to instantly gratify their shopping impulses. The solution – create an option for same-day delivery.

The same can be said for cleaning companies. Your customers want to have their house or office cleaned because it is dirty and disorganized. Allowing on-demand cleaning will give them greater satisfaction and convenience by making the waiting time shorter. There are also specific circumstances wherein on-demand cleaning can be super useful.

After hosting a party at their house, your customer might be too tired to clean up after their guests, and understandably so. They have to put away the food, clean up the tables, rearrange the chairs, and sweep the floors. The pandemic has further emphasized the need to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. All these can be tedious for people who have just finished a party and just want to rest.

On the flip side, there are those who need cleaning before an event takes place. Maybe they didn’t have the time to clean their place beforehand and realized that they couldn’t clean their place well on their own, or maybe cleaning their place is too tiresome before the event. They may also want to impress someone, like their partner or their step mom, and want to make their place spick-and-span.

The point is, there are countless scenarios that call for on-demand cleaning, meaning offering it to your customers would surely be a good move. Being in business means creating needs or uncovering needs to serve your customers better. It means responding to your customers’ experiences and giving them superior service.

How, then, can you set up on-demand bookings?

There are certain prerequisites for setting up same-day, on-demand bookings. You probably won’t be focusing on same-day cleaning alone, so this entails dividing tasks and time between your cleaners promptly. Thus, the first prerequisite is tracking all of your cleaners’ schedules and locations real-time. Once an on-demand booking appears, you have to be able to promptly assign cleaners who will be able to get to the customer within a given time frame, say 1-2 hours, then you can confirm the booking.

The second prerequisite is streamlined communication. You have to be able to instantly communicate with your staff to give instructions to those who you will assign to the job. In some instances, customers may have special instructions or questions that need to be relayed to your staff immediately, such as instructions on how to clean when your customer isn’t home or how to clean specific furniture.

There are several ways to accomplish these, such as using a GPS tracker, instant messaging apps, and scheduling apps. However, there are also software that can make you do all these within a single application, one of which is Supertap. Supertap provides you with a website where you can accept bookings for all kinds of services, scheduled and on-demand, as well as a personnel app for your staff where you can track their real-time location and schedules and message them instantly.

The bottom line is that on-demand bookings are the future of service providers. Incorporating it into your cleaning service will not only give you leverage over your competitors, but also grow your business and make it more responsive to your customers’ needs.


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