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How to Guide Your Auto Repair Business to Growth

Updated: May 5, 2021

You've got yourself an auto-repair business. No, how do you grow it in a post-pandemic market?

The first step was to start an auto repair business. After that, what are your next steps? How do you get the name out there? how do you grow? Of course, it wouldn’t happen overnight, and you’ll have to work for it. Luckily, in this time and day, there are plenty of tools that can assist you to get your business out there and catch attention.

Get it to where potential customers are

First, where are people most likely to see it? The answer to that? Social media. Promote your business in social media for the best result.

In social media, you can have an easy-to-access area where you can handle multiple things at once.

Social media can be your contact and booking platform, making it easier for your potential customers, encouraging them to actually use that. In the page itself, too, you can showcase your products and services, whether they’re complete products or new services that are about to come in. Repaired cars, happy customers, new set deals for your business should be put up.

Reviews and likes on your content and page are sure to get people to see how reliable your business is, so why not encourage any customers you get to do just so? Get them to talk about how good your business treated their automobile, then maybe curious visitors might just be intrigued.

Reward your patrons

To keep your customers hooked, you’ll want a way to keep them coming back in. Incentives, promotions, or referral programs are a great way to achieve this. With social media as your platform, it can be even made easier.

Small things like promotion codes, online games, or raffles can be done on your page. Small discounts, small treats as they wait for the work on their automobile can be the prices to be redeemed. Referral promotions also help significantly, encouraging people to actually spread your business with word of mouth. If you’re struggling with promo ideas, use holidays and events as the basis for your promos; for example, a small discount for a major holiday if they come in at the appropriate time.

Continue the conversation

When you have the customers hook, line, and sinker, and get loyal customers, do them a favour; open up your lines and maintain an active communication with them. Winning loyalty is one thing, but keeping them afloat on anything major is also a large factor.

If they want to reach you, they need to be able to instantly get someone to be able to answer them -- an active telephone line and chat line will be for the best. Questions, scheduling, all will be taken care of instantly. If the social media platform has the appropriate function, an automated reply system would be great. If it’s simple enough questions, it can be answered by the automated replies to save the more important, delicate questions for the actual responders. Regular email or text messages detailing updates or personalized promotion deals is a way to make your customers feel loved. Let them know everything, let them get these directly in their inboxes.

So, with all of that stated, if you try these, then perhaps it would help your auto repair shop see more activity. Some may work, some might not, it’s a matter of keeping a keen eye on what works and what doesn’t.


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