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Increase Auto Repair Profitability in 3 Action Steps

Updated: May 5, 2021

You might be wondering how can your small business survive the challenges brought by the pandemic. The answer is simple - go digital. As you may have observed, due to the limitations caused by the pandemic, it forced multiple businesses and services to go online. But, how can we actually improve profitability by going digital?

You must have heard that you can increase profits by decreasing the costs or increasing the sales as much as possible. You’ve surely seen an auto repair shop that is filled with cars waiting to be serviced; but, this does not prove that the shop is profiting. Getting cheaper parts or hiring fewer employees can help in increasing profit margin, but it is also just a short term solution. Instead, let us try to go digital and maximize the resources that we have to make the most profit out of it with the BUILD, BUILD, BUILD Action Plan.

Build online presence

While almost everything can be found and bought online today, this does not exempt the auto repair industry. You should expose your brand online to reach more customers and to get the brand name known out there. You can post all of the services you provide in social media and share some photos of them. Pictures will give your customers an idea on the things that they are looking for. Showing some before and after pictures of the repair services that you have done can strongly improve your brand image. Your potential customers will check on these pictures and videos to see if you are a reliable repair shop.

Of course, do not forget to ask your previous customers to provide reviews and ratings on your platform to create a stronger credibility which will attract more customers in the future.

Build automation system

As you already put up your store in social media, try exploring the different functions of the platform. Multiple social media platforms today have a business selling function that you can utilize for easier communication with your customers. Automated messages can be set up to entertain more customers and to answer basic queries about your services. Try registering to different booking platforms that will allow you to reach out to even more customers.

This will allow you to entertain more customers who need your service on-demand. By the time you are receiving more bookings than you expected, you can create an automated scheduled appointment to avoid unsatisfied customers who waited in the line for hours and to make it easier for customers to schedule an appointment.

Build customer loyalty

As you get your brand online, you will hopefully get new customers day by day. While new customers are important, it is also important to keep your loyal customers. The auto repair industry is competitive in a sense that there are multiple of you giving the same services to the public. This is why you should create something special and show your edge over the other players in the industry.

One way is to make your customers feel valued by creating loyalty programs, and sending out personalized promotions and coupons. When you are able to build a strong loyal customer base, you can lower down your advertisement cost and avoid competitors from stealing your customers.

Take your first step of going digital and try evolving your business with the BUILD, BUILD, BUILD Action Plan now!


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