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Marketing 101 for your Cleaning Service During COVID

Updated: May 5, 2021

Now is a good time to grow your online presence now as virtual setup is becoming the norm now. Here are ways for you to promote your cleaning service during this pandemic.

As COVID-19 continues, it is definitely challenging for the cleaning services who work in the residential area. People are taking extra precautions and are scared to let outsiders go in their houses. Companies might also be thinking about cutting their cleaning services to ensure the safety of their employees by avoiding too many outsiders going in their offices. With multiple challenges faced by the cleaning services, how can we actually pivot and overcome these struggles?


As you build your online presence, you start to create contents in your social media page. Given that 94% of online Canadian adults use at least one social media platform (Social Media Lab, 2020), it supports the idea of informing and communicating with your potential customers through these platforms. You should always start with identifying your target markets are your efforts and materials will be made available for them.

As a cleaning service provider, you can start creating content about the kinds of services you provide including the rates. As you plan for your further materials, you can consider creating posters about the latest recommended guidelines on keeping safe from the virus, how you ensure the health of your employees, and other topics that can be relevant and helpful for your customers. As mentioned some businesses might choose to lessen interaction with people outside their company, you can create advertisements on how you can actually help them by providing disinfection services. You can see the switch from “cleaning service” to “disinfection service” during this time.


While you were able to plan and create contents for your social media pages, you can now create some online games or contents that are relatable to your customers. This will increase your brand visibility in social media, especially when you have something that will go viral. Some games that will allow winners to get gift cards or discount offers can help in attracting more potential customers in social media.


Try inviting your potential customers online to avail your business by making them feel comfortable with all the contents you have shared before. One easy way to do this is to give them access to a convenient online booking page for your services. Apps like Supertap provide just that.

As long as you are able to inform your potential customers about the extra precautions you take for both your employees and customers, they should be able to try making their first step to avail your services during this difficult time.

It is indeed not an easy task to work around the limitations caused by COVID-19, but there is always an opportunity within every challenge. Your online initiatives will definitely be an investment to build your brand and earn the trust and confidence of the potential customers on your services. Although it might not be as effective as what we expect in a regular period without COVID, it will still help generate revenue for your business. So, let’s try this out now!



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